Monday, October 6, 2008

Blah. Politics

One of the worst parts about election season is finding out what all your friends and family believe politically.

Isn’t it terrible?

You thought they were decent and rational beings and then they are going to vote for who? Part of you wants to go back to when you didn’t know and all was right with the world.

I’ve even been guilty of it, snooping around on blogs and coming across arguments or links that made me think, “They are out of their skulls.” Of course, I immediately laughed at myself, sure that those friends were thinking the same of me.

The truth is that both of the candidates are good people. They are both intelligent people who more or less want the best for the country; they just disagree slightly on how to get there. There are so many lies and silliness flying around right now, from arguments about how many residences one might own, to false accusations of anti-Americanism. It’s ridiculous, and I hope that none of us are pandering, believing, or spreading the spin.

OK, fine, I will draw one line: stop spreading the lies that Obama is Muslim. He’s not.

I’ve been thinking about this curious pre-election tension, how do we get back to being chummy friends and neighbors when things get heated? Relationships, families, and our civil society feel like they’re being split apart during elections. I’m not going to say it’s never been this bad before, because it’s been way, way worse (even in my memory,) and every election has an element of Us v. Them. It is, however, time for the fever pitch.

So how do you put it all behind you the day after?


Meghann said...

I find there are people I can discuss politics with, even though we don't agree, and we are able to complete respect the other person and their choice. Other people get their emotions all into in and feel like they can't be your friend anymore b/c you don't agree with them.
I love discussing things with the former, and refuse to with the latter. The first kind of friend challenges me, the second kind just irritates. I had one of each discussion last week, within a day of each other. I was amazed at how two different discussions on the exact same topic could leave such different tastes in my mouth afterward.
Seriously--we are all grownups and there are good (and bad) points about each candidate. No one is an idiot for preferring one over the other.

Natalia said...

Are you referring to Joe and your husband going at it on Saturday night about the big politcal debate? Lol. I need to leave Joe at home until November 4th is long gone and over with. Kidding. We love you!

Meghann said...

I would have rather watched that debate, I think.