Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Shopping and Other Stuff.

I have not even touched Christmas Shopping (for others that is). I have a terrible habit of going shopping, with full intentions of buying for others, and seeing something super cute that would look fantastic on me!
Soooo, I buy it.
And remorse (sometimes) follows.
I plan on doing all my Christmas Shopping online- I hate going to stores during the holidays. If I can't get it online and with reduced shipping, don't ask me for it. Because you won't get it. Also, if one more person tells me that they are done or almost done with their Christmas shopping I will ignore them for the rest of my life. I don't need friends like you. I like lazy friends like me.
I know people that finished their Christmas shopping in September. WHO DOES THAT? Whatev.
Well, I decorated my mantle and piano for Christmas (pictures to come). It looks fantastic. Jeremy and I decorate everything in white- and clear. As bland as it sounds, there is no one who has a Christmas Tree as Gorgeous as ours. You can try- but you will fail. Am I having an attitude? Perhaps its because I'm suffering from a curse of womanhood this week.
On Wednesday we drive down to Georgia for Thanksgiving. With our dogs, and Jeremy's golf clubs. If it came down to bringing the dogs or the golf clubs, I'm quite sure that Jeremy would vote for the golf clubs. I personally wish he would just leave them at home.
We are leaving at 430 am on Wednesday to beat traffic. I'm quite sure we will be doing the same on Sunday- again, to beat the traffic.
What are your holiday plans?


Becky said...


Becky said...

Oh, didn't you know that the golf clubs are to conk the dogs with when they misbehave? Although I know that Perfect Pandy never needs to be disciplined for bad behavior...

Natalia said...

I am pretty sure that is why we are such good friends...lazy birds of a feather are lazy together. It goes something like that- right!?

Linda said...

I love your blog today! Just made me laugh as I had my morning cup of coffee.

We're having a GREAT time in Missouri-- didn't know I could sleep so much and just relax. Couldn't be that five dogs aren't with us, could it? And don't say that to Dad!! He'd agree!
Love, Mama