Friday, February 27, 2009

do it.

i've been "tagged" a bajillion times....
so i'll do it here...
and you do it there (your blog)...
then leave me a comment with your link and i'll learn about you after you learn about me.

1. the taste of left-over chicken makes me dry heave.
2. i love crushy ice.
3. red is my favorite color. chocolate is a close second.
4. i love big red balloons. (without hot air)
5. i'm very easily distracted.
6. i have never seen a star wars or indiana jones film.
7. i really dig live sporting events.
8. i love sushi.
9. i've developed a habit of procrastinating which needs to be curbed (should i blame the blog?)
10. i love to meet new people.
11. i have an incredibly sketchy memory. names and faces easily allude me.
12. i love to do people's makeup
13. my favorite sound is rain on the windows
14. i love "kissey face"/ "prune face" pictures.
15. i'm usually working 2-3 different beverages at a time
(cofee+ san pelligrino + coke zero)
16. horror movies and "never ending story" scare me to pieces. won't watch.
17. i had a really perfect wedding day
18. can't sleep with a) socks b) unwashed face, or c) unbrushed teeth
19. i am constantly losing my cell phone
20. I love magazines. I supscribe to like, 6
21. it hurts my feelings when people don't call back in a timely manner.
22. i get on a movie obsession kick where i'll watch a film like 20 times in a row
23. i'm more comfortable sleeping in pajama pants
24. camping terrifies me.
bugs + wild animals/escaped convicts + silence =terror
25. i started liking blogging after reading my sister's blog. she's one cool chick.