Monday, March 16, 2009

The Things you Hear

while a turquoise-wearing,
yosemite sam-mustashing,
cigarette-smelling bagger assembled my purchases in paper(not plastic),
he had the following conversation with
a scooter-banged, brown-lipliner-ed checker:
(please read in a southern accent if you have one...or a cowboy twang if you do not)
bagger: ..... so .... i talked to my ex-wife today--after 7 years!!
checker: wow. did she call you?
bagger: no. i called her.
checker: did you miss her or something?
bagger: YEAH! her and me had some reeeeeaaaaallly great times together!!!
(love incorrect grammar! love it!)
checker: does your new wife know?
bagger: um............... (tentatively) yeah.
***and with that,
i took my san pelagrino,and midol and went on with my day.


Meghann said...

he's going to be calling you next, you know. then him and you (love the grammar right?) can have some reaaaaaalllly good times.