Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Educational weekend

Do you ever have those times you learn something about yourself? I mean, I'll be 28 in a few months but I feel like I'm constantly learning something... for example...

1. My bedtime really is 10:30 whether I like it or not. Something in my body clicks and I some how am pulled by an unknown force to my bed.

2. My allergies really are that bad. I ran out of medication and thought, I should be fine now, right? Wrong. By the time I made it to work this morning I was all croaky and my sinuses were building with pressure. I got meds but not soon enough, as evidenced by the fact I could barely breathe once I sat down in my office. It was not that big of a deal, but I guess it's sort of comforting to know that I'm not spending all this money for nothing...

3. I am still a little bit afraid of going into a full "birds of paradise" in yoga- I have a fear of crashing into the mirror and looking like a dumba$$.

4. I still won't eat soggy bread, no matter how starving I am. Seriously, if you (and by you I mean any restaurant) are going to have a gooey BBQ pork sandwich, you should really invest in more hearty buns for the sog-averse eater.

5. When I eat healthy- I am satisfied with the amount of exercise I get from yoga.

6. 95 degrees in a yoga studio is not as hot as it once was- I think I actually referred to it as "cool" the other day. what is wrong with me?