Friday, May 15, 2009

Jeremy in Israel- Day 1

My beloved husband arrived in Tel Aviv at 8am EST and 3pm Israel time. His flight was good despite being surrounded by a bunch of college students from Michigan who thought it would be an awesome idea to get sloshed on the plane. Aside from crying babies, women speaking Hebrew, and drunken college kids the flight was good and he made it to his hotel safely. As he is talking to me he said... "yeah the cab driver who drove me to the hotel took me through the West Bank. I saw a an Israeli prison for terrorists and the giant walls they built to separate the Palestinians and the Israelis." My thoughts were... "What the hell was he doing driving you through the West Bank, surely there is another route"- but instead i said... "wow babe that's really cool, take lots of pictures." I'll keep you updated through his travels. Hopefully he will email me some pictures so I can post them on here. Its about 10pm there and I'm sure he is exhausted and will be off to bed soon. TomText Colororrow they are taking a walking tour of Old City Jerusalem and having dinner in Abu Ghosh, which is a large Arab Village outside Jerusalem. They will also be visiting some churches along the way. Anyways- keep him in your prayers! I'm sure he will have a great time and not miss us at all (except for Leo of course!).


Linda said...

That is some hotel!!! Poor Leo-- he misses his daddy!!