Thursday, July 23, 2009

Personal Style

...So to continue my conversation from my blog yesterday, I talked to my husband about being more feminine. Jeremy looked at me slightly crazy and asked if.. "I was getting the urge to play softball or something..." No offense to softball players out there, but about 80% of the ones I have met are not very feminine, and/or are lesbians. (But I still love the gay people out there!). I just happen to not be a lesbian (go figure) and I try to not be man-ish. So anyways...Here is what I'm wearing today.

Flowery Orange Skirt

Awesome Orange Ring

Bangles Galore!Align Center

Last night, Jeremy and I decided to stay at home so I did one of my killer yoga videos whilst trying to avoid the dogs and wet kisses (also from the dogs). Amazingly enough, the workout was good. We topped it off with a quick 3 mile jaunt around the neighborhood. Somewhere during the evening, we also had glorious fresh corn on the cob (locally grown!), fresh shrimp (grilled to perfection!), and a small, lean, steak.