Friday, September 18, 2009

Cool Wife Points.

For all you married women out there (or those who plan to be...take notes!), I want to share a brilliant concept with you:

Cool Wife Points.

Essentially, Cool Wife Points are earned when you do something really awesome for your husband that you might not have otherwise done and it results in the reaction of, "Dude, my wife is awesome" from your man.

Potential opportunities for earning Cool Wife Points include participating in an activity you don't love (a sporting event? camping?), choosing to play it cool in a situation that would normally make you crazy, and in general busting the stereotype of a high-maintenance, nagging wife.

Ladies, I am going to rack up some MAJOR Cool Wife Points this weekend. You see, it is college football season, which means my husband does not leave the couch unless it is to use the facilities. I will not bother him on Saturday. Cool Wife Points.

Here's the deal. I could pout. I could complain. But I know these little things make Jeremy happy- and afterall, he does put up with my crazy schedule the rest of the week. And he will get to soak up quality time with his dog and the television.

I just think that is way cooler than the pouty wife on the couch. And my Cool Wife Points go through the roof! So get out there and start earning some Cool Wife Points! I wish I could say that there is some sort of prize bank from which you can earn designer handbags and spa treatments for your efforts, but I'm afraid you'll just have to earn them out of the goodness of your heart. Of course, a killer birthday present is also a good way to redeem those points. Ahem, my birthday is coming up.


Are you reading???



Big Nick said...

I like this concept!

Kimberly said...

Cool wife points for saying, "Sure, honey go have your boy time" and "Yeah, I'll watch the game with you instead of doing the laundry, and the dishes and vacumming while you're watching tv" :)
And you're right cool wife points might not get a spa treatment, but they will keep your husband from complaining about you to everyone else....which I think is pretty valuable.