Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Life is a bit nutty right now, which always translates to a blog full of bullets.

  • Jeremy and I are flying to Vegas on Sunday for a vacation. We haven't been on a vacation since our honeymoon (2 years ago!). Combined with the fact that I'll be 28 two days BEFORE our anniversary, we figured we would celebrate big. We're staying at the Excalibur (the one that looks like a big castle).
  • I'm working on a paper for journal submission. Wish me luck! I'm writing on the use of feminine style in the 2008 Presidential Election and how President Obama utilized it to his advantage.
  • I think Fall is finally coming to Virginia Beach. After two back and forth temperatures, we awoke to a crisp, sunny morning. I need to pull out my fall decorations tonight and the "Fall-ification" process will commence as soon as possible. To Do: hit up the farmer's market for pumpkins, squash, and gourds. A fall home is not complete without them!
  • Did you know that if you let a sweet potato hang out in your pantry while you go on a two week vacation that it will sprout little green things? And that if you plant that potato in a container on your front porch those little green things will turn into a beautiful trailing vine? It is true.

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