Friday, January 29, 2010

Vacation Ideas

Jeremy is leaving for three months in March for OCS. He will be "free" in June. After his graduation and a couple of days with family, I hope to whisk my husband away on a romantic getaway. I remember my mom doing this with my dad post deployment and I think it is truly pivotal for married couples to "reconnect" after long separations. I remember picking my dad up from the pier, we would have a celebratory lunch, and then my parents would leave for some time alone. My grandparents would watch my sister and me while my parents left for a couple of nights. It was always a fun time with my grandparents. I never really understood why my parents left so quickly, but as a married woman now, I totally get it.

I need some vacation ideas for June. Jeremy will be graduating in Rhode Island and I'm not very familiar with it up there. Any suggestions? Of course there is always Vegas!