Thursday, April 29, 2010

Anchors Away

Many of you know that Jeremy is leaving next Friday
For those of you who do not know this, you're probably
thinking to yourself
"I thought he was a Marine"
Well, he will always be a Marine
but his contract with them ended in December 2009
and we felt it best for our family
to go the Navy route
At work, a party was thrown in his honor
and this fabulous cake was make just for him.
I am so proud of my husband.
I love you Jeremy!
I will be by myself for three months whilst he's
hanging out in Rhode Island.
Dinner invitations welcome. :)


Laura said...

That is one awesome cake! I'll be thinking about y'all next week. Please let me know if you need anything:) I know I am far away but I'm here if you need me! Love y'all!

Nicolette Stephens said...

ok- I want to eat with you! when are you free?

Moppy said...

Open invitation here sugar!
Love, Mama