Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Time Flies

Its hard to believe that the Holiday Season is right around the corner. The summer is coming to an end and the fall is sneaking up on us. I love the fall season- it is my favorite season of all. Something about the leaves falling and football games make me happy. I love how you can wear both a sweatshirt AND flip flops, and no one [apparently] looks at you like you are crazy. Maybe its because I live in a beach town and people cling on to the summer as if its their last.
UGA football is starting in 10 days. I am unbelievably excited. The AP poll is out and UGA is officially ranked [pre-season] #1 followed by Ohio State, USC, Oklahoma, and Florida. Its going to be a great season and we are really looking forward to watching it on our new flat screen!
On Saturday night, a bunch of friends went out to watch Michael Phelps swim his last Olympic race. Here are some pictures-


Natalia said...

The ladies look GOOOOOD. Mens...what's up with the NO smiling?! Come on now...

Meghann said...

way to call me at MIDNIGHT on your way back. the audacity!

Natalia--men never smile when trying to look cool. It's some kind of guy code of honor.