Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Working late and bored.

1. I adore my husband. 2. I wear glasses at work, when I can find them. 3. It is a good thing I do not need them to function on a daily basis. 4. I like to wear flip flops and stilettos. 5. If I could get away with wearing slippers to work, I would. 6. I got my Masters at age 24. 7. Rarely do I know how to describe what I do for a living 8. I leave the door open when I go to the bathroom. 9. I’m obsessed with all things Alpha Phi. 10. I love tote bags. I have quite a few in various sizes and I use them all. 11. I am addicted to coffee cups. 12. My very first kiss was when I was 14. 13. I love to walk around barefoot. 14. Weeping willows are my favorite trees. 15. My favorite gemstone is a pearl. 16. No matter what, I like to deal with everything in a calm and balanced way. 17. I love all animals- and daily contemplate becoming a vegetarian. 18. I can tell if it is about to rain by smelling the air. 19. My favorite herb is oregano, or is that a spice? 20. My favorite time of the day is sunset. 21. My favorite black and white movie is “Some Like it Hot” with Marilyn Monroe. 22. I’m a good interpreter, very sensitive, intuitive, caring, and gentle. 23. A seeker of wisdom, I am a life long learner looking for purpose and meaning, so I probably will never quit going to school. 24. My heart tends to rule me, and I can’t make decisions without considering my feelings. 25. I am an exercise junky. 26. I feel that I am almost selfless and kind to a fault, yet I have great faith in people. 27. I am concerned about animal rights. 28. Most of my best friends are my sorority sisters. 29. Truth and authenticity matters in my friendships. 30. In love, I give everything I have to relationships. 31. I have a flair for foreign countries. 32. My faith plays a special role in my life. 33. My own personal style is very eclectic. 34. I love to sing extremely loud and off key. 35. I am ambidextrous. 36. I think the Beginning of Greatness is just to Smile. 37. I love my dogs. 38. I love movies/songs I can relate to. 39. I’m a happy person. 40. I’m a Libra, but only read my horoscope about once a year 41. People say I’m intimidating 42. I love College Football. 43. Those who truly know me call me Biggie. 44. I love the UGA Bulldogs 45. I come from Italian and French Canadian Ancestry. 46. I love coffee. 47. I obsessed with gossip magazines. 48. My favorite flowers are white roses. 49. My favorite colors are saffron, yellow, and red. 50. My attitude can be mismatched depending on the people around me. 51. Most people are on a different wavelength than me, but that doesn’t bother me one tiny bit! 52. My tolerance for diversity is very high, and I can effortlessly get along with anyone. 53. To me, people’s oddball behavior is interesting to the point of almost being charming. 54. I’m a definite extrovert but tend to have my introvert moments. 55. I am weary of charismatic churches. They freak me out. 56. My eyes are green. 57. And again, I adore my family- they are the best!