Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Telling versus Asking

Yesterday, Jeremy and I were talking on gmail- which is a way we can stay up to date with eachother during the work day. During our conversation, I mentioned that I wanted to go to church and our friends invited us to go with them. Here is how the conversation went:

Me: We're going to chruch this weekend with Joe and Natalia - probably a Saturday Night Mass at 530.

Jeremy: Was that your way of asking or are you telling me?

Me: both?

Jeremy: maybe a " hey, you wanna go to church with Joe and Natalia on Saturday night" would be nice.

Me: Ok. Hey, you wanna go to church with Joe and Nat on Saturday Night?

Jeremy: Sure.

Me: Ok.

Jeremy: Now wasen't that easier?

Me: Eh. My way was more fun.

Regardless- We are excited about going to church and making it a regular part of our weekly schedules. On a side note, Jeremy and I are on a "healthy" eating kick. Any good ideas for chicken recipes? I finally got Jeremy to eat vegatables- YAY!