Monday, September 15, 2008

Conversations with Leo

Molly: Leo I just have to ask,why do you eat grass?

Leo: because I just get so hungry.

Molly: I feed you everyday

Leo: So.

Molly: Where did you get your name?

Leo: From my master’s favorite Movie, “300”

Molly: Wait, if Jeremy is your master, what does that make me?

Leo: You are like my Mom.

Molly: Your mom? That’s weird!

Leo: Well, you feed me, take me for walks and make sure I never have eye goopies in my eyes. Thanks by the way for sticking your fingers in my eye sockets everyday.

Molly: Your welcome, I guess. What is your favorite time of day?

Leo: What is time? I like the part when I get to go to the park.

Molly: Who is your favorite person?

Leo: Pandy.

Molly: Pandy isn’t a person. What has been your favorite snack that you have either stolen or been fed?

Leo: Oh, teddy grahams. Much better than your organic mess- I don’t like your style of cooking. Sorry but its true.

Molly: Then why do you always put your nose up on the table to smell whats up there?

Leo: Would you rather me do that or eat grass?

Molly: It’s a toss up. What are some words you live by?

Leo: Run away from the magazines by your bed

Molly: I didn’t even hit you with the magazine! I just slapped my hand with it to get you off the bed!

Leo: That was appalling!

Molly: You were really annoying and I was trying to sleep

Leo: Right.

Molly: What is one word that describes you?

Leo: Smart.

Molly: That is definitely not what I was thinking.


Meghann said...

awww, just because he eats grass and likes Pandy doesn't mean he isn't smart!
ok, that is what it means.

at least he is cute, and sweet. :)

Moppy said...

Leo is so sweet-- he just likes to pretend he is a farm dog, so he practices eating grass. :-) He's a great dog!!
Love, Moppy