Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Conversations with Princess Pandy

Molly: Pandy, I have had a hard time figuring out why you will randomly just bark- at nothing. Normally dogs bark at something.
Pandy: I don't feel like talking right now, I'm too busy licking the lanolin off the couch.
Molly: That's another thing- why do you lick everything that is in front of you?
Pandy: Because I just get so bored.

Molly: But I have bought you tons of toys
Pandy: Point?
Molly: My point is- you have odd behaviors and I'm trying to wrap my mind around them.
Pandy: I am a princess. You have deemed me so yourself. My odd behaviors must be royally induced.
Molly: I'm sure. Ok. Here is another behavior of yours. Why do you eat flies?
Pandy: Because they have intruded into MY house- the royal domain.
Molly: Well thats partly my fault for leaving the doors open. Sorry about that...

Pandy: As you should be. Now I'm going to roll over, and you will rub my belly.
Molly: Fine. Oh- hold on you have a knot in your hair- let me get it.
Pandy: Owe! What the HECK was that?
Molly: I just trimmed your knot off with scissors.
Pandy: You almost STABBED me!
Molly: I did not!
Pandy: Did too.
Molly: Anyways. I wish I could understand you sometimes- I spoil you ridiculously but you don't always seem happy.
Pandy: Well, my brain is the size of a walnut, I'm not exactly capable of expressing emotion. (Passes Gas)
Molly: Great. Well you are sure capable of expressing other things.
Pandy: Sorry. Its hard to keep it in.
Molly: So I've realized. So what is one word that describes you?
Pandy: lazy.

Molly: That's weird. That is totally what I was thinking.


Natalia said...

you need to post more of these sister! hahah! I love it! Maybe you could do one for Nala or Moose...lol.

Meghann said...

I would have picked "stinky", personally :p

Linda said...

She IS a princess at your house! Here, she is Cranberry's enemy haha.
Love, Mama

Becky said...

Pandy:"Hey Jeremy, where is your Georgia t-shirt?"