Monday, September 29, 2008

Time and Realizations

So. Next Saturday, whether I want to or not, I turn 27. It blows my mind how fast the past 10 years have gone... Didn't I just turn 16, 21, graduate from college? I love the age I am though. I feel as though I have become a wise old hag. :)

Through conversations with friends and a little movie called Sex and the City... I have come to realize how 100% grateful I am for the girlfriends I have in my life. One of my best friends, Melanie, is my female soulmate. We started calling each other soulmates in college- I truly believe she is that! My other best friends-those near and far away are my saving grace and sounding board. I was talking to one of my best friends this morning- she is have "relational issues" with one of her girlfriends... It made me start thinking that at our age (the fabulous twenty-somethings) we should be able to decipher life long, true friends, from temporary not-always-true friends. I impressed myself with my own advice to her- but I then realized the advice came from having amazing girlfriends. It was actually their advice- not their own words, but the way they treat me and value our friendship.

Here is my input on friendship- especially between women.

I believe that our best friends should be almost like soulmates, not to take the place of our spouses by any means, but God gives us girlfriends to complete us in times when we need support, companionship, laughter, honesty, etc. Friends- not just any friends, but the ones worth keeping should be a safe haven...accepting and loving. If you have a friend that isn't that, then I don't believe they are worth keeping as an integral part in your life.

So- on an end note... if you have a friendship that continuously causes you stress and grief, evaluate the friendship. Those worth keeping in your life will make it clear that they want to be there. :) I am SO thankful for: Melanie, Missy, Natalia, and Bridget... my sisters Meghann and Becky.... my cousin Ashley...these are just a few. If I didn't mention your name it doesn't mean you are any less dear to me. I love you all!


Natalia said...

Amen, molly. Amen! Spoken like a true, wise old woman! Kidding, kidding. Love you!

Meghann said...

I believe she said "hag" natalia. cause that is a word that so often comes to mind when looking at molly. :p

beautiful Molly! I agree.

Natalia said...

Molly is no hag. That is for sure. And by the way Meghann, I hear you are an expert on spiders! Haha, I wish I lived on a farm.