Friday, September 19, 2008

To run or not to run...

So as most of you know... I am slightly obsessed with fitness. I'm not sure where I got this obsession. No one in my family is as "athletic" like I am- but I'm kind of the sore thumb in my family anyways...oh well. I guess I'm just special. I have recently (within the last week) started running again and I've really felt my stress disipate... I have needed it desperately. Here is me running in the Rock n' Roll Marathon...

Run Molly Run! Don't I look fabulous in my pink?


and here is my fabulous husband (then he was just a boyfriend) carrying me after my legs were pooped:


Anyways- I plan on running "maybe" a full marathon in March- time to start training!!!


Meghann said...

you are not a sore thumb, silly girl!

I totally think you should run in a marathon. I would like to do a half-marathon at some point, but the full marathons I will leave to you. I wish they had adventure races that involved running/horseriding/something else.

Linda said...

Hey, sugar. You know I WANT to run, I WANT to exercise. Just can't get the thought from my brain to my body. haha
Love, Mama

Becky said...