Thursday, October 30, 2008

What my evenings look like...

After work, I typically go to the gym or run. Generally, I'm home by 7 and start making dinner. (Yes, I am a domestic Goddess. Please excuse the two laundry baskets on my living room floor that still need to be put away.) After all the evening activities come to a close, Jeremy and I tend to pile on the couch with the dogs and watch a movie or a tv show. Last night we watched The Happening, which I thought was really stupid. Here is a picture of my evening.

How sweet is that- Pandy is curled up behind my leg with her cute little face resting on my thigh. Yes, those are my FANTASTIC plaid pajama pants. Leo tends to sit on the floor in front of us, or on the back of the couch behind us. Since he is bigger- he gets frustrated when he can't fit somewhere. Its pretty funny actually, since he starts grunting and whining when there isn't enough room. And then there is my damn sexy husband in his sweats and a t-shirt. Aren't we a cute family? And just in case you can't see Pandy's precious face- here it is again.

And here is Leo barking at me because he can't fit on the couch:

And then, smiling for the camera:


Natalia said...

Your family IS so cute!!! I love it! Can I be a part of your family? Like a half sister or maybe a step cousin? Let me!