Wednesday, October 29, 2008

To my darling Mr. Waters

Mr. Waters,

You make every day bright. I love hearing you stumble around in the morning while getting ready for work. I love that you work so hard to provide for theText Color family we will one day have. I love the stories you tell me about your day. I love the fact that you are scared of spiders and will scream at an ungodly octave when you see one. I love the fact that you tell me you love me multiple times a day. I love that you come up and hug me from behind while I'm cooking dinner. Although its annoying, I love the fact that you take your socks and shoes off in the dining room and your socks some how always end up on the dining room table. It always make me thankful that you are home. I love how you leave your cereal bowls in the sink, rather than put them in the dishwasher, it has become something I smile at, rather than get aggravated at. Its just who you are. I love how you take the trash out and ALWAYS put a new trash bag in the can. I love how you let me put my feet all over you when we are laying on the couch. Most of all, I love how you encourage me to always be the person I was meant to be, I love that you will be the father of my children, and I love you!Text Color

Your wife,



Natalia said...

SO sweet Molls! It is evident that there is a lot of love between you two...

Linda said...

AHHH, makes me feel good inside. I love for my "baby" to have such a wonderful marriage!!
Love, Mama

Becky said...

Love the picture of Jeremy... I FULLY expect to see that look as he sits on the front porch when a boy arrives to pick up one of my girls for a date!