Monday, November 3, 2008

17 and Counting

Ok, so I know many of you have heard of the Duggar family from Arkansas. You know, the family with 17 (and one on the way) kids? Not only has the mom had 17 children, she had them the 'ole fashioned way. Ages from 18 to newborn. Which means that the poor mom of the family has spent 13.5 years of her life pregnant. Oh. My. Gosh. Like I said, it drew me in long enough to have a marathon for a few hours where I learned some cool stuff I just had to blog about.

First of all, no, they aren’t Mormon. I think they’re conservative Baptists, which in my opinion, there’s no such thing. I also think Mormons tend to draw the line around 9 kids, so I have seen. The family seems perfectly nice though, (on camera at least) and seemingly well adjusted for fairly sheltered folk. The parents don’t allow their children to watch much television and are “traditionally old-fashioned.”

Here are some interesting thoughts I had:

- For a family who prides themselves on not allowing television or any other form of “tainted” material in their house, they’re pretty open about their lives. I mean, they have their own TV SHOW – how much more involved in the media could you be? Not to mention the gazillions of Discovery Channel shows and documentaries they’ve been on.

- Is it just the Duggar family? Or would we all be shooting out babies if we did the baby dance 24/7 with no birth control or protection? Do they BD every day? Do they time it? They should do fertility seminars.

- This woman's uterus should go down in history as the most resilient thing in history. So should her va-jay-vay. TMI?

Seriously. Who DOESN'T want a family that doubles as a blue-grass band?


Natalia said...

I think you make an interesting point with the whole, "We don't do TV but yet we have our own TV show" business. I, personally, think they are insane. Whatever floats your boat though!

Becky said...

HEY! Don't judge just because you are only going to have 14 kids! I mean, who would make a show about a 5'4" girl married to a 7'guy with 14 kids and 2 dogs? Oh, wait... was that the Munsters?

Jilly said...

Uh, no thank you to 17 kids. Maybe they do all those shows because they bank... It's gotta be hard supporting a family of 19 and a half. Right? :)