Monday, November 3, 2008

Marine Corps Ball and Other Stuff.

Jeremy and I got all gussied up to go to the USMC ball on Saturday night. While the ball was mediocre, I have to say that we looked damn good!

I do have to say that the USMC Uniform is the best. God bless a man in uniform, ya herd? Aside from a dressy evening, earlier that day I was sweating my cahoney's off training for this marathon that I signed up for last minute. WHAT WAS I THINKING? I ran quite a bit and only have about 3 more weeks of training before the big day. Pray my plantar fasciitus stays cooperative.

Yesterday, I tried a new church which I enjoyed and even made some new friends. After I got my dose of Jesus, I went shopping. I hit up Linens N Things for their fantastic liquidation sale. Seriously. Go to it. Tons of stuff is on sale!


Natalia said...

I am SOOOO picking up some Yankee Candles! BTW- you guys look so GREAT! Seriously, what a good looking couple! Love you both!

Natalia said...

PS: Please don't tell my hubby (yes, might as well just call him that) that I have the most accessories out of anyone you know...he has now banded me from shopping... :( sad....LOL!

Becky said...