Friday, November 7, 2008

Leo and the Lotion Incident

For reason's beyond my understanding, Leo has an obsession with lotion. He loves it, craves it, and will chase you around the house when you put it on your legs just to get a lick. Its quite the scene. So-shaving my legs whilst in the shower, getting out, drying off, and putting on lotion has become a strategic operation of extreme importance- I must outsmart my black lab. Leo goes crazy over lotion. I mean CRAAAAAAZZZZY. He can tell when I'm shaving my legs, whether its because he can smell my apricot shaving cream or just has a lotion intuition, he is waiting patiently outside the shower for me to get out. He instantly starts licking his chops, wagging his stub, and acting like an alcoholic who has been without alcohol and spots a full bottle of the world's finest liquor. It is truly the sight to see. So as I get out of the shower (cue Inspector Gadget Music), I put on my unmentionables, wrap my hair in a towel, and make a mad dash for the lotion- Leo in hot pursuit. I turn around, yell "FREEZE!" at the black beast behind me- holding my lotion bottle as if it were a dangerous weapon. I daringly put the lotion on my legs, while Leo's eyes grow big. I then have to run around the house to stay away from him until the lotion is dry enough to put on my pants. Leo finally gives up, realizes his attempt to lick all the lotion off my legs has failed. Poor guy, maybe next time.


Natalia said...

What a CRAZY little pup! I love him!!

Linda said...

Leo is just a mess! But, he loves his mom!

Anonymous said...

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