Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"The Office"

Ok. One day I WILL get around to painting my office. I will I will I will! I need your help in picking out paint. According to the Sherwin Williams "Discover your Style" quiz my style is:

Around the World and Expand your Horizons. I have to say. I don't like any of those colors, so back to the drawing board it is. I was thinking about a calm blue. I've never been one to decorate with blue, I tend to decorate with Reds, Yellow, and Green. I really like the color "Blamy" by Sherwin Williams (look it up). I think its a happy color. In all honesty- I'd like that color in my kitchen. How awesome would a blue kitchen with red accents be? I think it would be fantastic.

Here is another light blue from Restoration Hardware. Its called Seafoam.

What do you think? Advice? Thanks.


Natalia said...

we have the seafoam from restoration in our conference room. it is a good color...but i now associate it with serious meetings and not such good news. the only time we are in that conference room. can we pick a different color? LOL!