Monday, December 15, 2008

Things to Improve on...

My friend Jenny wrote on her blog that she was up late and couldn't sleep and decided to write a list of things to improve on. She decided that instead of improving everything all at once, she would take one item at a time each week to work on. She would chose an easy goal one week and then a harder one for the next week. After reading this I realized that there are so many things I could work on as well. I am going to take the same method and chose one thing each week. So here it is:

Write in my blog/journal everyday
Work out one hour a day
No desserts
Sleep eight hours every night
Only one hour of recreational internet a day
Bible study one half hour a day
Talk to at least one member of my family a day
Be a sweeter wife, take time to be kinder to my husband
Look up something I did not know of Wikipedia everyday
Spend one hour every week on a newfound hobby. (I have yet to find a hobby, so if anyone has suggestions... let me know!)
Call or email one friend I haven't talked to in the last three months
Ten minute prayers night and day
Read a Beth Moore quick study everyday (or something similar)
One sincere, thoughtful act of service each day
Don't go to bed until the house is completely clean (oh the challenge!)
Take a picture everyday
Don't leave a dish in the sink (can my husband do this? for once? :)
Invite one person that I don't normally hang out with to an activity I go to that week

Let me know if anyone has any other ideas!For the rest of this week I am going to work on the prayer goal... and I am sure I will be praying that I will be able to keep up with the rest of my goals in the following weeks!


Linda said...

I'll try to do SOME of these-- but not exercise an hour a day hahaha.
Love, Moppy