Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Waters (Griswald) Family Tree

Jeremy and I went to get our tree on Saturday. (I'll put pictures up this evening). We had a blast wandering through the rows of pines, spruces, and cypress trees. The smell was heavenly. Jeremy has the Christmas Tree Selection down to a science. "This one has a crooked trunk so it won't stand up straight"... "This one is bare near the top"... "This one looks like its dying"... "This one is just ugly"... Now mind you, this is the same guy who, a few years ago, went with his Dad to pick out a tree and got the ugliest one he could find. His reasoning? He didn't think anyone else would give it a chance. So with that thought in the back of my mind, I was grateful he was being so picky.

Finally, after an hour of walking around, we came across a tree. A tree, which according to Jeremy, made him hear trumpets from the sky. It was the tree of Noel. As Jeremy was standing next to the tree, I made the comment that it seemed to be a little tall. "Nonsense"... said Jeremy. "We'll trim it up at the base."

So we had the tree cut down and carried it to the truck, loaded it up and drove home. As we got into the house, we made room for Bob Jr. (I named our Christmas Trees Bob- Bob the original was last year, thus Bob Jr. this year). As we tried to put Bob in the tree stand, we noticed that he would not fit in front of our window. Bob was just too freakin' tall. "I told you the tree was too big".

After moving the furniture in our living room COMPLETELY around- we finally were able to make a nice spot for Bob. We dressed him up and I do have to say, he looks beautiful. A little on the feminine side, but beautiful. I'll take pictures ASAP!


Linda said...

Jeremy is just too funny!! Hearing trumpets from the sky-- :-)
Love, Mama