Thursday, January 22, 2009

I was Tagged. Tour of my Life

Ten questions were asked. Ten questions answered.Nine pictures taken. Enjoy this tour of my life. I mean, what is the point of pretending your life is perfect on some blog when we all know life is generally pretty rough (fun, but rough). I hope you are not too turned off by these real- unedited- photos of my life- I TAG MEGHANN TO DO THE SAME!

1. Fridge. Its stocked- but I just went to the store. I like when my fridge is colorful. I means I have healthy stuff in there!

2. Kitchen Sink. Wow I never realized how ugly my sink is. The rest of my kitchen is cute. But the sink? Not so much-needs cleaning!

3. Favorite room. Its a toss up. The family room where Jeremy and I cuddle on the couch and watch movies. Or the study, freshly painted and organized!

4. Favorite shoes- probably my running shoes. (not my actual shoes- mine are muddy)

5. Closet. One of my 3!

6. Toilet- downstairs toilet. Mr. Waters obviously did not put the seat down.

7. Hamper. Keeping up with the wash. This is Good.

8. Self Portrait

9. Dream Vacation. Tuscany.


Jill Williams said...

Ha! We have the exact same fridge. Mine, not so stocked though. Need to go to the store :(

Molly and Jeremy said...

that fridge is SO tiny... need more room!