Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I love to read. I seriously love to read tons of history-inspired books. Its a good thing that I love to read since I'll be starting this this summer.

Currently, I am reading this and this and this.

Today for lunch I plan on eating a fresh avacado. I love avocado's- I usually cut one up, add course salt, sometimes a little cheese and they eat right out of it. What a lovely source of protein and those 'good fats'.

Tonight I plan on going to the gym for weights and running. Then, I plan on being a good wife and making delish beef storganoff with yogurt and dill for dinner. Its actually really healthy since the Greek yogurt stands in for sour cream and butter. If you use multigrain noodles it is even MORE healthy. If you want my recipe, just ask.


Sarah said...

I want the recipe! I have to start being a good wife and making dinner in 3.5 months :)