Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You know you're from Hampton Roads if...

You know you're from Hampton Roads when you...
moes then cold stones is the perfect norfolk meal

have to adopt a surrogate professional sports team because you live in the largest metropolitan area without one.

are amazed whenever any city within 50 miles of your house is mentioned in a text book, national news, etc.

can name at least three of Mike Joynes' law partners.

can finish the "Beach Ford" song.

know Mount Trashmore is a real place, not a joke.

can see another 7-11 from the 7-11 you're currently at and name all the people working their.

know that 64 West in Chesapeake is actually going east.

can name at least three underwater tunnels within a twenty mile radius of your home.

been friends with, dated or married a sailor.

can say "Norfolk" 100 different ways and all of them are right

don't stop and look skyward when aircraft fly over.

Newport News is not a catalog, it is a city.

Hampton is a city not an area

it's the Peninsula. With a capital P.

It's not Portsmouth, its P-town.

To you, Scope isn't just mouthwash.

The Boathouse doesn't actually dock any boats.

love jet noise.

don't slow down in the tunnel, because it's not a big deal.

One of your major accomplishments in life is holding your breath all the way thru the HRBT... while driving

its normal for seven cities to be linked in almost every conceivable way.

You can leave town for years at a time and come back to find the same segments of roads still under construction.

It's Seven Five Seven, not Seven Fifty-Seven.

An inch of snow closes everything down.3 inches = blizzard.

Macarthur was not only a brilliant general, but a fine shopping establishment.

know that Norfolk International Airport isn't really an international airport.

No, you're not hallucinating. Those are mermaids.

You know the real reason we have not been hit by a hurricane in the past several years is because of Pat Robertson.

If you had a nickel for every OBX sticker you saw on the road, you'd be rich by now if your aspiration in life is to stay in the 757

If when some one says the tides are in you don't think of water

If both your parents work

If all your friends who live in Norfolk can bike to your house in 10 minutes

If u know ocean view is not actually on the ocean

You don't get nervous in a crowd of black people (like VA beach kids)

If u walk to three different pools daily and you are not a member at any.

If jumping off bridges and wakeboarding are your favorite summer past times

When giving directions u have confused tide water and water side at least one time

you know the entire menu at doumars or mi hogar

you love joking about how many 7 11's there are

You know that at one point ocean view had the sickest roller coaster ever

You and or at least half your friends have boats and they are all at the nycc

You know exactly how fast u can pitch from going to the tides games

Redskins are your home team football team But the biggest game of the year is Teach/UVA

If u understand the Haynes going away sale means they are staying their

If you wonder why there is a va beach boulevard rite in the middle of ghent

If going to the Wisconsin means staying in Norfolk

You know The Pilot doesn't actually steer anything

You know that the tattoo festival doesn't involve ink or body painting

The world trade center is still standing in downtown Norfolk

You always dream of having a real professional sport

When listing the "seven cities" Norfolk is always first