Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, New Dreams

It is 2009. I often wonder how it got to be 2009 in the blink of an eye. Its amazing. I remember celebrating 1990, 1999, 2000... Y2k anybody? For the past few years, I decided to not make a New Year's resolution because I often believed it was just a way to set yourself up for failure. How many people actually achieve their resolutions? I mean- who actually loses that weight? Although I am not making a resolution to lose weight per say- I am trying to achieve a healthier life style and stick to my weight watchers plan as a guide. Accountability please!

I am excited about the New Year and the new adventures for Jeremy and me.... I realize the secret to happiness is to continually fall in love and to give the soul a reason for butterflies. I desire that our marriage continues on the quest to be closer to God and build a stable home built on faith for our children (that will one day come!). Happy New Year everyone!

What are your dreams?


Keepin it Sassy said...

Hello my dear! I'll be your accountability partner :) We can trash talk our goals together! lol. Happy 2009 love and miss you!