Tuesday, January 13, 2009

When I Grow Up.

The past few days I've been sick. Deathly sick. Ok so not really, but for a while there I thought the only way to feel better was to head for the white light. Now I am suffering from laryngitis. I am miserable but my husband, I'm sure, is grateful. During my trip through mute-land. I started pondering about my life. I realized, wow. I'm a grown up. Remember when you were little and you dreamed what you do when you grew up? Well, until a couple of months ago, I still wondered.

And then Jeremy reminded me of what I told him when we first met.

"I want to be a mother and a college professor"

So, one of those dreams is coming to fruition. No, I'm not pregnant. I'm going to start my PhD this summer if all goes as planned. Which means, the mother part of my dream will have to wait another three years, which I am fine with. I don't think Jeremy and I are ready to take the dive into parenthood just yet.

So. PhD. Wow. Is it possible that I could complete a doctoral degree? I've always look at people with PhD's as an elite fraternity all on their own. Could I really be part of that? Naturally, I'd still be goofy and clumsy and probably will still say all the wrong things. But I'm excited to start this adventure. I even re-did my office over the weekend so Jeremy and I will have a calm, relaxing place to study. AND. I order this to hang in there:

I ordered it in bright orange. Orange makes me happy. Although not calm. Hmm. Apparently this saying of "Keep calm and Carry On" came about in WWII when the British stiff upper-lip and Blitz spirit distilled into five stoical words. These posters are based on a message that was posted on walls during the Second World War. I mean, who wouldn't stay calm and carry on when your city was being bombed. Really?