Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blogging Hiatus

I took a blogging hiatus. Sometimes you need a break from responsibilities. Ya know what I mean? Lately, I find myself to be in serious need of vacation. I just have too much going on. Since when did life have to be so challenging. I wish my husband and I could run away to a remote Island and just chill whilst drinking a fruity, majorly, alcoholic beverage. Ya feel me? Of course, we would have to take our dogs with us. I miss my babies too much when I'm away from them. I'm going to miss them when I'm in Atlanta this weekend. Can I stuff them in my suitcase? For your enjoyment, and partially because I don't have much to blog about today- I am including some pictures of my family :) Aren't they adorable?

The princess is getting her belly rubbed

See the love between Pandy and Jeremy?