Friday, April 3, 2009


One of my friends here at Regent is a Mormon and shared with me a cool video produced by her church. While I am not Mormon, I still appreciated the message it gave.... Watch the video Here.

my cousin can create a beautiful house without much effort
my aunt can create an amazing meal in the kitchen
my mom can create anthing to help you with organizaiton
my sister has created a wonderful home for her daughters to grow and learn
my other sister created a business
sadly, domestic goddess-creation is not my strongest suit (yet...) .
i'm hopeless with a needle and thread
(though i have many botched sorority letter shirts to show my attempts),
my baking foreys are better than my cooking skills(which isn't saying much),
i don't know how to arrange a beautiful flower arrangement,
i barely know how to use facebook,
i love love love to paint, but your 5 yr old has a more deft hand at the art,
and after 20 + years of studying the piano, i can only remember smidgens of beethoven's fur elise.. and nothing else...
you see, my hands aren't very good at creating
(much to my great dismay),
but my heart is.
my heart creates stories and feelings you've never heard or felt.
my heart turns itself inside out with love
sometimes, my voice sings along with my heartbeats.
sometimes, my body moves to the rhythm of my heartbeat.
sometimes, my fingers (finally useful for something!!) write you how my heart feels.
and sometimes, my heart can't figure out how to get out the message it wants to...
but somewhere, from deep inside my bones, i feel like i have to get it out.
i have to connect.
i have to create.
how does He want me to create?
What speaks to your create-a-torium?
so many different ways to make something from nothing.
so many reasons why we must.
how do you create?
why do you create?


Meghann said...

thank you :)

I think you are an amazing cook, you create wonderful meals just from your head.

and you create a beautiful home--your eye for color is inspiring to me.

I love you, Moll!