Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Guilty as charged.

I’ve been a very, very bad yogi. A yogi (I think) is someone who practices yoga on a regular basis. Now I'm not some contortionist practicer and still struggle to get into a birds of paradise but each pose seems to be a little bit easier- unless I'm practicing on a day like last Saturday.

Now, it doesn’t help that I was not on my best behavior during said break. There were birthdays, weddings, and the first 90° week of the year so I put Bikram on the backburner for a few days and totally felt it.

So, on Saturday, feeling all repentant, I shoved myself into Bikram and allowed my butt to thoroughly get kicked. But then I got home and instead of resting, I got changed and went to a wedding where I drank and danced and did not eat the best of foods (diet wise) I woke up on Morning with a terribly sore throat and headahce. Crap. I was sick.

The moment I felt the facial pressure of a sinus infection, I felt thoroughly annoyed with myself. I don’t know if it was just my imagination, but since starting Bikram I’d been feeling healthy as a horse. When I was doing it religiously, I could sit by a draft in the office, get caught in hot/cold temps constantly, and be around ill people without catching anything. I felt so healthy, so invincible. But I “fell off the wagon” so to speak, and next thing I knew, I was ill, ill, ill. Arrrrrgh.
I have been taking some serious sinus medication but am hoping I can make it to Bikram tonight and just get healthy again. It really does make me feel better. Anyone who hasn't tried it should!