Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Coming out of Hiding

Hi! I swear I'm still alive :) I've been busy redoing the house while Jeremy is gone (painting the whole downstairs (with parental help), diving into my PhD, keeping up with yoga, running, taking care of my dogs and working. Phew! Exhausted. I think Leo has had a harder time with Jeremy being gone than I have. I love my husband and miss him to the point I have a pit in my stomach but unlike Leo, I have not thrown-up or pooped on the floor due to my misery. Jeremy even made the point that Leo must love him more than I do because I have yet to get sick (on the floor) out of my loneliness. I had to break it to him that I probably didn't plan on defecating on the floor anytime soon, so sorry to disappoint. Leo has not only had a series of digestion related sicknesses due to his dad's temporary departure- for the first 2 weeks he carried one of Jeremy's shirts with him EVERYWHERE. It was a shirt that Jeremy wore the day before he left when he was running so it definitely smelled like him- I guess it reminded Leo of Jeremy so he carried it everywhere. If he went upstairs he took the shirt. If he went downstairs he took the shirt. On a walk? He took the shirt. I would have taken pictures of this but Jeremy has our camera. It was really quite pathetic actually- and it made me realize that this bond between man and beast has no room for me! Actually, Leo is a Mommy's boy at times- and right now he has to be because Jeremy is gone. He has actually taken to sleeping on Jeremy's side of the bed (which is something he will have to get over doing it as soon as Jeremy gets back). Leo and I have been going on runs- long walks- over to my mom's backyard. He is FAR from being neglected! Haha:) He is just our sensative, sweet boy. We are lucky to have a boy like Leo who cares about us so much- and believe us, the feelings are definitely reciprocated!