Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Norfolk Animal Control

Many of you know I have continued to help out Norfolk Animal Control since the adoption of Leo- they are like an extended family. I figured if I can help another family find a dog to bring them joy like Leo has brought us joy- I am positively impacting the world. NACC is having an even this month- if you can help out or are interested in adopting a pet- check them out!

Now, we are in the process of planning for our biggest adoption event of the year on June 20th , “Adopt-a-Dream: A Midsummer Night’s Adoption Event”.
This event will be shared by the Norfolk SPCA to show the community our support for each other despite our differing policies. We will be looking for lots of help to pull off this event as we will be extending our adoption hours that day until midnight.
The NSPCA will be doing the same extended adoption hours at their shelter.