Monday, August 3, 2009

Addie and the "Cabs"

Last night, I hosted my sister Meghann, niece Addie, and parents for Snow Crabs. Meghann's husband is on a missions trip in Nicaragua and Morgan is at a camp this week so Meg decided to bring Addie down for a few days. My dad and I split the cost of about 12lbs of snow crab legs (before you have a heart attack, they were definitely on sale!). We steamed up the crabs, I cooked some fresh, locally grown corn, and made Jeremy's favorite dish, Macaroni and Tomatoes. Addie can't quite say "crabs" and calls them "cabs" instead. It was just TOO cute! Here are some pictures of her with my mom (Moppy) as she was devouring those delicious cabs!


Berlin Deluxxe said...

Great idea to have the little one eat her "cabs" without a shirt! You have no idea how many shell pieces and meat get on my shirt when I have them :(