Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Is it Sweat? Or is it Rain?

I like to sweat. More imporantly, I like to sweat when I'm working out. I don't really like to sweat if I'm not working out... because then I just feel nasty. I guess you could say I don't feel like I'm really working out unless I'm sweating like a man. Its just how I am. Get over it. I think my sweat obsession has drawn me to the practice of bikram yoga. Something about sweat dripping into your eyeballs just drives me crazy. Ok so not really. In fact, I hate sweating. I don't care what kind of situation I am in. But I do love yoga. I love the fact that bikram yoga is hard and I love what it has done to my body. I've backed off on running lately because I don't really want bad knees. Yoga is good for your whole being, offering multiple benefits to your mind and body. One of the great things about yoga is the team camaraderie found in the studio. I love that most people there know my name (by choice or not). I think that yoga is one of the few exercises that you can really find this camaraderie, except for maybe in a Jazzercise studio, but since I have not seen one of those since about 1992 and I don't have a thong leotard- I'll stick with yoga. More importantly, I love that my darling husband has started to do yoga with me. Now before you make fun of him, just imagine using all your own body weight in 110 degrees of heat and humidity. It is not for the weak. This past weekend, there was a USMC Major in the studio doing yoga. He was a very in-shape individual, but lets just say he was getting crushed. After class was over, he said he was going to bring his weakest Marines to the studio for PT. That should be a sight to see. I DEFINITELY want to be there for THAT class!


Sarah said...

If you feel the urge to Jazzercise I believe the last remaining studio is here in good old newpty news next to the Ghetto Value City ... seriously. :)