Friday, August 14, 2009

Contagious Joy.

I saw a book in Barnes and Nobles that talked about Contagious Joy. It got me to thinking about the people in my life who have contagious joy. There are a lot of blog friends that I have- who's blog just make me feel better about myself. I'm encouraged, lifted, and enlightened. I've thought about ways in my life that I can have contagious joy. I want people to read my blog, be around me, or talk to me on the phone, and ultimately, feel better about themselves. What a blessing that would be! Here is a question for you- where does Contagious Joy come from? Does it come from your spirit? Your faith? What makes a person genuinely joyful. How can YOU help others by spreading your joy?

Things that make me joyful:


Linda said...

We have lots of joy-- especially Friday when you called me haha.