Friday, August 7, 2009

how NOT to pose for your engagment/wedding photos

I have been to a billion weddings this year. Luckily, all my friends have good taste. However, whilst helping them pick and plan, I have come across many photos of randoms couples all over the country. From engagement to the big day, I tend to see the same poses. Here are the ones I totally think you should NOT do. You'll thank me one day.
note: Pictures were taken randomly from google image. If they don't want their pictures to be used in random blogs, they should not put them on google image.
Here is the: "We're so fun we do everything together, including playing the guitar/banjo". Akward.
This is the, "I have a death grip on my man" pose. Slightly creepy and/or psycho wife to be.
This is also known as the "the "prone two-headed moster" body. two heads. don't do it.

"You will marry me, you will marry me, you will mary me. When I count to three, you will not remember this conversation and will sundenly drop down on one knee..." This is also known as the "I hypnotized you and tricked you into proposing pose"

This is the, "we're going to show our excitement by jumping/flying into air pose" Does this need any explanation? Whats up with the ghost popping up from the ground?

the "awkwardly sexual vampire" pose.act out your edward fantasies at home. don't pay $1.00 to send it to me.

the dual "is there a baby on board?/Heimlich maneuver" pose.uncomfortable either way....takes me back to prom posing with dead eyes.


Berlin Deluxxe said...

Your silly, I love it! You have my husband in stitches right now :)

Linda said...

Only you could come up with this-- hahaha. :-)