Monday, August 10, 2009

weekend review.

Jeremy and I really wanted to go away for the weekend
just to
get away.
However, living in one of the largest tourist traps on the eastcoast,
makes it difficult
and expensive!
As such, we decided to do a mini
health and wellness weekend here
Friday evening, we went golfing at the West Neck Golf Course
I got a glass of wine, whilst Jeremy hit golf-balls.
While there we saw lots of wild-life, which I loved.
The next morning, we got up for a 9am HOT YOGA class
and then got massages.
That night, we went to dinner at the
and watched a storm come in over the Chesapeake Bay.
The weekend was perfect and we purposely left our cellphones OFF
all day Saturday. We just needed to
spend time with each other without the normal hustles and bustles of life.
I highly recommend it!


Linda said...

Glad you had a great day! You need to do that-- wondered why I couldn't get you on the phone haha.
Love, Mama

Laura said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend!! Chad and I will have to do something similar:)