Tuesday, September 8, 2009

'au naturale'

So I was reading this lady's blog the other day. She is a mother of four who shares wonderfully entertaining stories about her little brood of rugrats. She also is very natural, opting for cloth diapers, organic food, and delayed/limited vaccination of her children. I have heard of all of these things, and though I am not sure what we will do on these issues when we have children, I've enjoyed her perspective. But one 'au naturale' choice of hers made me pause...They do not circumcise their sons. You can read her blog for yourself to get the nitty gritty on why they have made this decision, but in a nutshell they didn't think anything of it until assigned a research paper on the topic for their childbirth class. They began thinking they'd write a paper on why you should circumcise, yet through the process of their research their minds were changed. Now, I haven't given much thought on the "to circumcise or not to circumcise" issue. I just assumed it was a given. Wierd.