Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Not a girl, Not yet a woman

Ok, I'm really not trying to relive the whole Britney Spears song but as I was reading CJane's Blog, a quote by one of her neighbors caught my attention. Here it is:

"There is a point where a girl becomes a woman."
She said. A point where a woman becomes a female warrior.
Where her life is no longer a game, it is a genuine battle.
Not to survive only, but to survive and be strong.
I realized, this quote totally sums up my life. In the past few years, I have noticed that I'm definitely not as youthful as I was five-years ago. I go to bed by 10, its harder to lose five pounds, I stress about money and bills and school work, I stress about what I'm making for dinner that night, and I constantly wonder why the laundry doesn't do itself. I realized that I am not "abnormal" but this is merely a typical life of a 28 year old wife, dog-mommy, PhD student. (can i get a witness, that these are normal everyday stresses? thanks). Life is an adventure, but a serious not always fun adventure. I try to live each day and feel, when it is all said and done and I am turning out my light at night, that I had a successful day. I have had to let myself be ok with the fact that my house is often cluttered, the dinners I cook are not always great, I'm about 10lbs heavier than I would like to be, and I probably won't ever be a millionaire (darn it). Even though life often feels like a battle, and sometimes it is, there is always room for joy, laughter, and love. Remember this the next time you burn your chicken- in the grand scheme of things, life is really quite wonderful!


Linda said...

Life is a gift! And you are one of MY gifts!
Love, Mama