Friday, October 16, 2009


So its Friday night and this is what we did:  

Came home and changed into my ultra fab gear, a hoodie.  Went to the commissary only to find out it was closed.  What type of grocery store closes at 7pm? REALLY!? Walked around the Exchange and bought a cheap dvd and pumpkin spice latte.   Went home, took the dogs to my mom's backyard so they could "go potty".  (Walking your dogs in the rain sucks, I'd much rather let THEM walk around in the rain alone).  Came home again, and now I'm blogging.  Oh, and I was just told someone I love VERY VERY MUCH is pregnant and I just can't contain my excitement!  I feel like I need to start having some babies.  But then again, I look at the daunting amount of school work ahead of me and I feel content.  So, I'm taking a poll. WHEN do you think baby mollys or baby jeremys should make their appearance? Here are the stats: I'll be done with course work in May 2011 and then will start studying for comprehensive exams and THEN I'll move onto the dissertation phase, which can take forever but I'm shooting for a year completion.  I'm praying I'm completely done in December, 2012.  I'm thinking babies should show up in 2012. LOL


Linda said...

Well, if they show up before that, Moppy is right down the street!!
Love, Mama :-)

Big Nick said...

After school and take a trip to Europe first or something. You can't give them back once you have 'em!