Thursday, December 3, 2009

holiday traditions

What are your favorite holiday traditions?
Do you make sugar cookies and take them around?
What about the 12 days of Christmas or Secret Santa?
Do you read a Christmas Storybook every night
Or go Caroling?
What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?
Lets share them all -- even if you think they are insignificant.
We all could use ideas on ways to make the holidays more meaningful.


Jill Williams said...

My husband's family comes in from TX and my now 8 year old niece always spends Christmas eve with us. After making cookies for santa, writing him a letter, make food for the reindeer and spreading it around outside we track santa on and then just before bed we all sit down in the living room. Dean reads from the Bible, "The story about baby Jesus being born" as Amanda-Shea likes to announce. She sits in his lap while he reads. That is just some of what we like to do each year.