Friday, January 1, 2010


I have vowed that this is the year I'm going to get my health back. I am so close! (minus the 20lb plus weight gain). This year, instead of making new years resolutions- I am vowing to treat my body like a true temple. Look at all it did for me over the past 3 years- it fought! As such, I am going to fight for it! I am going to eat more organic products and vegetables that have cancer fighting anti-oxidants. I hope that by the end of the semester (in 4 months) I will have lost about half of my cancer weight, which is about 10lbs. I can do it! Since I was jacked up on 'roids- It may be harder to get off but I have faith in myself. If my body kicked cancer, it can kick off some weight.

Jeremy is going to be on this road with me... I have such a wonderful and supportive husband! He doesn't like veggies but is slowly starting to like new recipes I try. He ate asparagus the other week- it was a miracle. So, this year- each week- I'm going to post a [healthy ones] that are husband approved. I'd love to see yours too!