Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back to School, Back to School.

Today I start my third semester of doctoral studies. Can you believe it?
And can you also believe that I received A's in both classes last semester?
Jeremy says I am no longer allowed to doubt my abilities to do well in my PhD
I have class today
Com 708 History of Communication Studies
I am pretty excited about it
and I am armed with a back to school gift from my mama
this fabulous purse:

And yes, that's my new runner's magazine in case I get bored in class -Kidding! I'm still coming off vacation mode, even though I felt like I was gone the whole time. Can I just complain real quick that it cost over $200 to drive to and from Georgia?

I think Gas companies should give a holiday gas rate.

I think I'll write a letter.

Happy Tuesday!!


Linda said...

A holiday rate on gas-- what a great idea!!!

Love you, Mama