Thursday, April 8, 2010

What is in a Name?

I'm not really stressing about naming my child.
First of all- the gender has not yet been revealed even though
I have a secret "feeling" of what it is but I keep that to myself.
We are pretty set on a girl's name
but its that darn boy's name that has us baffled.
Nothing has stuck, nothing "fits",
there is nothing we are in love with.
Do we use family names?
Do we use unique names?
Will the child be made fun of for this name?
I know though, that we will come up with the perfect name if we have a son.
Its a good thing that in the state of Virginia,
only the Mother can sign the birth certificate.
She then decides whether or not she wants
the father's name on it.
Now I would never leave Jeremy off
the birth certificate
but my point is-
he can't pick a name if I'm still drugged
haha :)


Laura said...

I like that law and I like the way you think :)

Linda said...

I had no idea that was the law in Va. That's great!

Keepin it Sassy said...

:) Craig and I had the hardest time with a boy's name too...

We had Aidan picked out YEARS ago, but knowing people who had named their children that since...made us wonder if it was right....but we kept coming back to it, and ultimately decided that it was the name we loved and wanted for our boy, so to hell with everything else. :) for the law in true....and I almost took advantage of it and changed Aidan's middle name while Craig wasn't looking.....but....I secretly love his middle name ;)