Thursday, April 1, 2010

Where will we go?

In about a year, we'll be moving to "somewhere". Depending on Jeremy's duty assignment, we could be anywhere from Hawaii, to Cali, to Florida, to Virginia... Really we have about a 10-15% chance of going anywhere. We have discussed our wishes and hopes, but really we don't have much of a say in where the military will send us. A part of us would like to stay here so I can finish school (with tuition remission), but another part of us would love, love, love to go to Hawaii whilst we're young and our family is young. Moving away will be tough, but I am excited to have new adventures with my husband! So, if we move to Hawaii- pack up your snorkel gear and surf boards! And bring the benedryl for the long airplane ride! The more I think about it, the more I hope for Hawaii for a few years!


Linda said...

Hawaii is too far for Moppy! :-)

Keepin it Sassy said...

:( It works best for me if you come to Nova.

Love you!