Monday, May 24, 2010


"You can be just as happy while waiting for your breakthrough

(whatever that may be), as you are when you actually receive it."

Joyce Meyer

Lots has gone on over the past 2 weeks. We'll start with how I've been put on bed rest for almost a month. Baby Waters is good, but I had an infection and a few other minor issues. As such, the baby doctor is being cautious and keeping me off my feet. I'm going crazy to say the least. I'm an active person and hate sitting around doing nothing. I told Jeremy that my butt would be ugly by the time this pregnancy was over due to all the non-activity. Ugly Bootie!!! I'll be excited to get baby and I out for walks and jogs- I'm looking forward to a jogging stroller!

The other update is that Jeremy will be coming home... with me having pregnancy issues, etc. it became evidently clear that the military was not the lifestyle we desire any longer. Having a child in the picture has completely changed our focus and we realize, that while the military provides lots of stability, its just not the path we want to take and feel that God has closed the door one final time. We are excited to start a new journey with our growing family. We are making the effort to allow God to play a central role in the plans for our future. Its comforting to know He has a plan. It is more comforting to know that we are trying to follow it.

We are looking for jobs in the Hampton Roads area. It is the most logical to try and stay here for a while, however we are toying with the idea of looking for jobs in Williamsburg, we both love that area. We appreciate your prayer as we begin yet another journey!